Thursday, April 3, 2008

In Class SAT Prompt Writing

Discovery VII

I forgot the prompt for this essay, but this is what I have..^^

Having failures is an inevitable process in our life. We might have committed millions of mistakes, and even sometimes repeated the same mistakes. However, these do not mean complete failures, because we put in efforts to correct our mistakes. The crucial point is that we learn in the process of wronging and correcting.

I remember joining a youth biking class when I was living in China. I was only five years old. I had not any skills on biking. I was only used to those little tricycles. For the first class, I cowardly went to the gym with a few of my friends. I saw those brand new bicycles and helmets on the ground. They were just waiting for us. But I was too scared to even touch my bike. I was just standing there, looking at other classmates to take the new bikes and helmets. The teacher, detected my reaction, came to me and said “Have a little courage, Shuyi. Get on and I will hold your bike for you” I got on my bike as she told me to. The teacher kept holding on my bike as I was stomping the pedal slowly. We circulated the gym a few times, and I was getting my confidence back. Then, the faster the teacher walked, the faster I tried to stomp the pedal. My heart started to calm and my mind was telling me that “everything will be all right and biking should be fun. It is as easy as walking.” However, all of a sudden, my teacher let go of my bike. My heart then started beating as fast as it could get, and my mind was telling me that “You are going to die or at least get limped”. Scared by my own imagination, I lost control of my bike, and felt badly on the ground. My calves’ skins got scratched, and were bleeding a lot. I cried. I cried as my parents have abandoned me. My teacher then came quickly to me with some sterile gauze. She smiled while looking at my silly face, and said “Shuyi, biking is not that bad as you imagine. Come, have another try!”. My teacher held me up. She instructed me again the last process. This time, I said to my self “Shuyi Guo, you are not that bad! Now be brave to bike even you’ll die from it!” I kept on thinking my sentence while I let my legs to stomp as fast as they could. Finally, my teacher let go and I was on my own!

This is how I learned biking. It is not from never falling on the ground, never getting scratches, or never being bleeding. But I learned from never giving up!

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Shuyi G 6 said...

I picked this SAT Prompt writing because I believe this is an OK writing that I've done within a limited period of time. It represents my little achievement on managing my time when writing. Even though the story in the writing is not exatcly true on how I learned biking, but it is very similar.